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Cyber Intelligence House is focused on providing cyber exposure monitoring services. The company specializes in the assets analysis and identification of cyber vulnerabilities helping clients to protect themselves from impersonation, phishing, and fraud.


The Client needed to develop a fully functional website. Despite being a tech company, the Client’s in-house team is specialized in cybersecurity, which differs from the task at hand. That is why it was decided to delegate this task to the outsourced team that specializes in custom web and mobile application development.


Our team began cooperation with the Client through a simple HTML/CSS project. After finding out more about the Client’s internal environment through workshops and business trips it was revealed that their employees were more into tech specialization and lacked expertise in design. So, our team acquired a better understanding of the Client’s needs to design and develop a website with integrated API due to the dynamically changing data. Cooperation continued further, and our mobile app development team created iOS and Android applications for the Client.


The Client received an innovative website as well as our UX/UI support from the dedicated team that represented their values and promoted their services to the potential customers. The Client also obtained applications for the two most popular mobile operating systems, iOS and Android, to enhance customer experience.

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